All materials from IPPW-10, including presentations, posters, videos, and papers will be posted at the NASA-hosted website, In addition to all materials generated during IPPW-10, this website also includes the archived materials from all previous IPPWs. The website is a work in progress, with the large volume of materials from the previous 9 IPPWs currently being uploaded.

For IPPW-10, in recognition of the 10th anniversary of IPPW, we will be instituting a peer-review process for all submitted papers. The papers will not be uploaded until they have been peer-reviewed, with agreement on content between the peer reviewer(s) and the author(s). We encourage you to submit your papers to be included in the newly-instituted peer review standard for IPPW papers.



Dr. Periklis Papadopoulos, San Jose State University

Dr. James Cutts, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Founding Associate Editors-in-Chief:

Mr. Bernie Bienstock, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Dr. David Atkinson, University of Idaho