• Cassini

    Flybys are a major element in Cassini's orbital tour of the Saturn System. The spacecraft's looping, elliptical path around Saturn allows for these occasional visits to the Ringed Planet's many moons.
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  • MEDLI Suite

    The Mars Science Laboratory Entry, Descent, and Landing Instrument (MEDLI) Suite is a set of engineering sensors designed to measure the atmospheric conditions and performance of the MSL heatshield during entry and descent at Mars. While not part of the
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  • EDL

    Entry, descent, and landing for the Mars Science Laboratory mission included a combination of technologies inherited from past NASA Mars missions, as well as exciting new technologies. Instead of the familiar airbag landing of the past Mars missions, Mars Science
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  • Galileo

    The Galileo mission consisted of two spacecraft: an orbiter and a probe. The probe was the first to enter the atmosphere of one of the outer planets.
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  • Europa

    Macula is a region of likely active chaos production above a large liquid water lake in the icy shell of Europa.
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  • Titan

    Radar images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveal some new curiosities on the surface of Saturn's mysterious moon Titan, including a nearly circular feature that resembles a giant hot cross bun and shorelines of ancient seas.
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Welcome to IPPW 10

June 17-21, 2013

San Jose State University, California, USA

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